Chocolate Addiction

chocolate addiction

Attentian, all chocoholics! Do you crave chocolate at all times? Do you get that feeling and needing for a deliciously chocolate treat to cheer you up? Then maybe you should ask yourself if you have a chocolate addiciton.

Although the idea of having chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner may sound extremely appealing, chocolate addicts need to understand about chocolate in moderation. Despite our brilliant chocolate recipes being perfect for many occasions, and the chocolate benefits that can be good for us, it is always important to think about your health first.

Does chocolate addiction exist?

Being the most commonly craved food amongst women, chocolate tends to have a power over many people due to its sweet taste, smooth texture and release of serotonin, a chemical that makes us feel happier. Although a chocolate addiction can’t be classed scientifically as a true addiction, chocolate cravings for different types of chocolate are a serious health issue for many people.

how to deal with chocolate cravingsChocolate contains mood-altering substances, as do many other foods such as vegetables, so it could be said that the cultural phenomenon and marketing of chocolate brands is what leads to chocolate cravings and symptoms of withdrawal, rather than true properties found in addiction substances like drugs and cigarettes.

How to deal with chocolate cravings?

It’s late at night, you’re watching tv on the sofa and suddenly have the urge for a really tasty treat, perhaps some chocolate chip cookies or a slice of chocolate cheesecake – we have all been there. Make sure you keep tabs on your chocolate cravings and eat chocolate in moderation to be able to keep enjoying it within your diet. Here are a few helpful tips to keep things under control:

  • Sometimes cravings are emotional, caused by feeling down or PMS, so deal with the real reason first before grabbing that chocolate bar.
  • Minimize the portions of chocolate you eat without restricting yourself completely, which would lead to even worse withdrawal symptoms.
  • View some healthy chocolate recipes to make sure you are eating well and in moderation. Satisfying a chocolate craving doesn’t have to be unhealthy or fattening.
  • Boredom is also a common reason for many food cravings, try exercising and keeping active instead of resorting straight to chocolate.

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