chocolate dinner recipes

Chocolate for Dinner

Similar to having chocolate for lunch, the chocolate dinner dishes are slightly heavier and more complex. Those of you who are just used to chocolate desserts or have tried out our chocolate for breakfast ideas, this is the next level up. When it comes to dinner, chocolate needs to take a back seat, which will hopefully ease the minds of those who are hesitant to try our chocolate delights. The sensually, enfused, chocolate flavours add a uniqueness to our chocolate recipes.

International Dishes

chocolate dinner recipesOne of our favourite chocolate combinations, chocolate and chicken, has already won over some hearts with our lunch recipes. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch and intensify the flavours. From chocolate Mexican dishes to chocolate Indian recipes, they will all surprise your taste buds, in a good way! There are so many ways to introduce chocolate into your already-favourite dishes.

White Chocolate Baba Ghanoush

Chicken Mole Poblano


Meat and Fish

chocolate fish recipeYet again, more unusual combinations that probably never crossed your mind! This is the greatness of chocolate. It can go with anything and everything as long as you do it in the right way. All of our chocolate dinner recipes manage to get the measurements and flavours spot on, whether its for a chocolate ribs recipe or a salmon and chocolate recipe.

Pumpkin Risotto with Chocolate Glazed Ribs



chocolate pasta recipesSo, not only does chocolate pasta seriously exist (we were dying of excitement too) but there are many pasta recipes that include chocolate for an extra special taste. Our chocolate pasta recipes can also be converted into chocolate desserts, simply by changing the quantities of chocolate that you want to include. Don’t be afraid to experiment with chocolate in cooking, you may be surprised with the results!

Chocolate Pasta

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