chocolate lunch recipes

Chocolate for Lunch

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about chocolate, but having chocolate for lunch is something every chocolate lover needs to try! Adding a smidget of chocolate here or a dab of chocolate there, can truly make the difference with any dish, including having chocolate for breakfast or chocolate for dinner. Our chocolate recipes are not about indulging too much, we like to make sure that we add the right amount of chocolatey-ness to make our tummies rumble for more.


salad recipesBut salads are supposed to be healthy aren’t they? Well, a little dose of chocolate never did anyone harm. Our chocolate salad recipes introduce chocolate in a subtle way, making sure the other components are not overpowered. Whether it is in the salad dressing, or including chocolate shavings, do not hesistate to try these salad recipe ideas!



chicken mole recipesTwo words that may sound the same at the start but that you might never have thought to put together, chocolate and chicken. A food combination that deserves its own category, our chocolate and chicken recipes make a great lunch plate or even a dinner serving. With a few different things up our sleeves, don’t miss out on this incredible ingredient fusion.



lunch recipes with chocolateAlways seen as a lighter, savoury option during the day, chocolate sandwiches are not as heavy as they may sound! The distinct flavours of the different types of chocolate can add a certain something to a dull sandwich. Our sandwich recipes are hand-picked and tested out to make sure they weren’t sounding too good to be true!

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