Types of Chocolate

types of chocolate

In the fabulous world of chocolate, the possibilities are endless for the types of chocolate you can get. Throughout the history of chocolate, during the earlier periods of its discovery, raw chocolate was the main type of chocolate and possibly the only! It wasn’t until the 18th century that chocolate as a confectionary began to develop into different kinds of chocolate and greater edible options.

When we think of what is chocolate, we might all have a different image in our minds. Some of us will picture the smoothness of a warm hot chocolate, others the sweetness of a delicios white chocolate bar. For those fanatics eager to learn more about all the chocolate varieties out there, we have put together a basic introduction for all you need to know.

Different Types of Chocolate

different types of chocolateIf you’ve ever wondered about all the various types of chocolate that you can get and how they differ from one another, then you’ve come to the right place! Us curious chocolate lovers always want to know more, so we have put together a brief summary on the main types of chocolate that you can find. Of course, there are still plenty other varieties and many more to still be discovered – what a treat!

  • Dark chocolate = high content of cacao solids and very little milk
  • Milk chocolate = high content of milk with less cocoa solids, sweetened
  • White chocolate = made from cocoa butter with very little quantity of cocoa solids that gives its colouring

With the mainstream chocolates explained, we can move on to the less common forms of chocolate that can be found in supermarkets, on restaurant menus and in cooking guides:

  • Chocolate liquor = pure form of chocolate, ground cacao beans are made into a paste, contains no alcohol and is naturally made up of around 50% cocoa butter (fat)
  • Cocoa powder = chocolate liquor that is slammed through a hydraulic press to remove the cocoa butter, common in cooking
  • Baking chocolate = can be unsweetened, bitter or baking-resistant such as chocolate chips, contains no sugar
  • Chocolate-flavoured coating = ¬†chocolate liquor or chocolate powder with vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter

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