Marshmallow Chocolate Milk Recipe

chocolate marshmallow drink

A treat for your taste buds, our marshmallow chocolate milk is one of our chocolate recipes worth dying for! There are no complaints to it’s delightfuly sweet flavour. The pairing of chocolate and marshmallows is truly undeniable. Just one of our many famous chocolate drinks, you can enjoy this with your kids any day of the week.

Don’t be scared to adventure with our recipes, have a look at some of our chocolate desserts that were inspired by the choco-marshmallow combination. Not only is this a great recipe for kids, adults and everyone else will love to enjoy it too. No age restrictions!

How to make chocolate marshmallow milk?

It is a fenomenal discovery that marshmallows and chocolate can be joined together in harmony to create the best milk drink possible – chocolate marshmallow milk. Although not all supermarkets will stock it, it’s a fun experiment to make your own. We had a go ourselves, simple using milk, cocoa powder and marshmallows. After a few mistakes we got the recipe just right!

Whether using your own chocolate marshmallow milk, or a branded one, our chocolate marshmallow milk recipe is great for a fun picnic with friends, a weekend barbecue or as a treat to do with the kids. Have a go!

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Marshmallow Chocolate Milk Recipe

chocolate marshmallow recipes

By Nabihah Parkar Published: May 25, 2015

  • Yield: 2 Servings
  • Prep: 5 mins

Chocolate and marshmallows, reunited! Try this absolutely crazyily delicious chocolate milk drink made from just chocolate and marshmallows! The kids will love, the adults will want it, and the teenagers will hate to love it. A winner all around, try it now!



  1. If you are unable to find chocolate marshmallow milk in your local supermarket, you can make your own at home with milk, cocoa powder and marshmallows. Melt the marshmallows, mix the cocoa and milk together, then mix it all. Adjust taste and refrigerate.
  2. Mix together the whipped cream and marshmallow topping together in a bowl. Evenly spoon them into the glasses and leave in the fridge for half an hour.
  3. Add your marshmallow chocolate milk, some garnish of chocolate sprinkles or mini marshmallows and sip away!

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