The Chocolate Diet

the chocolate diet

We can see the questionable look on your face as you read the title to this article. A diet that encourages you to eat chocolate? A diet that includes chocolate rather than prohibiting it? How can this be a true diet if chocolate is its focus? All questions will be answered. But we assure any chocolate reader that this is safe, and it’s worth reading on!

A chocolate diet is not as simple as it sounds, there are reasons to why the chocolate diet shows good results and that’s because it doesn’t just require you to stuff your face with delicious chocolate desserts and gulp down yummy chocolate drinks all day long. Depending on the types of chocolate, this diet plan requires you to squeeze out all the godness for the best results.

What is the chocolate diet?

Despite the doubts you may be having, thinking this too good to be true, it is a fact that chocolate has benefits, it can be a very healthy ingredient, which is why we have many chocolate recipes to offer you and some of them are healthy chocolate recipes! Now taking in dangerous quantities of chocolate can lead to chocolate addiction, something we all need to be aware of.

the chocolate diet

The chocolate diet requires you to eat a small piece (no bigger than the top half of your thumb) of dark chocolate 20 minutes before meals and 5 minutes after, helping to cut your appetite by around 50%. There are no restrictions to what you should or shouldn’t eat for your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, however you must cut out snacking completely. Of course don’t forget that the meals you prepare need to be based around a healthy diet!

There are already several versions of the chocolate diet, despite this being a new and upcoming method for weight loss. It has sparked the inspiration of books and scientifical research studies, all showing how eating chocolate can cut your appetite.

How does the chocolate diet work?

the chocolate dietFor this diet program to work well, you need to make sure to use dark chocolate, the kind made of 70% cacao or above. Milk chocolate and white chocolate just wouldn’t do the trick due to their high amounts of added sugar and milk.

The dark chocolate manages to speed up your basal metabolic rate making you want to eat less during meals and snack less between. The flavanoids help reduce insulin resistance while the healthy fats slow the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. All these factors help you to think more about what you eat and control your diet in a healthy way!

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