Chocolate Benefits

benefits of chocolate

Yes, you read it correctly. It has been proven that chocolate is beneficial for you. No need for excuses to splurge out on chocolate brownies or other chocolate desserts because now it has been justified. The health benefits of chocolate will depend on what types of chocolate we are referring to, with dark chocolate being the healthiest and purest form of chocolate.

Our idealogy of having chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner no longer has to be a dream. After some intense research into the subject of chocolate benefits to our bodies and lives, we have discovered all you need to know to make sure you keep up that sweet and smooth intake of goodness that only comes from chocolate.

5 Health Benefits of Chocolate

The following chocolate benefits refer to the most unprocessed forms of chocolate, in particular dark chocolate and cocoa. Including these ingredients within meals, using our healthy chocolate recipes, will give you a chance to get cooking with chocolate. And these are the reasons why (not that we need a reason to eat more chocolate):

  1. Recent studies show that having small amounts of dark chocolate throughout the week can help reduce the risk of heart failure, giving chocolate cardiovascular benefits.
  2. The high levels of antioxidants in chocolate has been proven by researchers and means that chocolate is not just adding fat to our bodies but providing protection.
  3. Chocolate contains anxiety-reducing, relaxing and mood-uplifiting endorphins which help make us feel better, as long as we don’t over-indulge.
  4. Skin protection from sun damage is yet another beneficial factor of chocolate due to its bioactive compounds that help increase blood flow to the skin.
  5. A few small studies have shown that it boosts brain activity both in the short-term and long-term, with stimulants and increased blood flow.

As with anything in life, we suggest that you never over-indulge on any food products and you maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Have a read through the chocolate diet for more information.

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