Chocolate Rum Kiss Recipe

chocolate rum kiss recipe

Take yourself away to an exotic, far away, dream location without moving one step. Sip on our chocolate rum kiss cocktail to be transported to another time and place! This is an exotic and sweet chocolate drink that has a certain twist to it. With a very subtle flavouring of chocolate, the essence to this drink is its combination with all the other ingredients.

Enjoy our chocolate cocktails with one of our lunch recipes or as an after-dinner special treat, either way we guarantee that it’ll go down smoothly. Suprise your friends and family with a chocolate rum kiss becuase it’s that enjoyable you need to share!

How to make a chocolate rum kiss?

It’s time for you to show off your bartender skills by making your friends and family a chocolate rum kiss cocktail. This chocolate cocktail is most definitely taken shaken and not stirred. With the perfect combination of tropical and heavenly sweet flavours, you can get a workout by making these for everyone!

Easily enjoyable for birthday parties or get togethers with friends, sip away on this cocktail any time of the year. Add a bit of crunch and texture with some pistachio nuts that also give it a bit of decoration.

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Chocolate Rum Kiss Recipe

chocolate rum cocktail

By Nabihah Parkar Published: May 21, 2015

  • Yield: 2 Servings
  • Prep: 5 mins

A chocolate rum kiss drink is a sweet and tropical cocktail that can be enjoyed whenenver you like. Its creamy texture will have you licking your lips in search for more. Adjust the alcohol and sweetness to your liking, remember to be careful with the quantities! Enjoy!



  1. Grate the milk chocolate to be really fine and mix with the crushed pistachios.
  2. Rim the cocktail glasses with vanilla extract and dip in the pistachio and chocolate mixture.
  3. Place a small scoop of vanilla ice cream in each cocktail glass.
  4. In a cocktail mixer, mix together all the other ingredients and shake 10 times. Pour over the ice cream and top with more pistachios. Serve and enjoy!

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